[vlc-devel] VLC 1.1.0 blockers. Moving to RC? Reopening tree to breaka^Wimprovements?

Jean-Baptiste Kempf jb at videolan.org
Thu Mar 25 14:52:21 CET 2010


I guess it might be the time to start to fork/branch 1.1.0 from master,
so we can start to focus on the release and start welcoming improvements
for VLC 1.2.0 (Twoflower? Sam Vimes?). I'd like opinions on this.

For me, there are still blockers for 1.1.0:

VVIP issues, blocking a RC:
 - Lua Interfaces freezes on Win32, (for sure luahttp and luarc) #3356
   (dionoea? geal?)
 - MKV multiple audio-track that freezes VLC before the end of a file on
   win32: #2864. Laurent, any idea? Maybe not blocker?

VIP issues:
 - nsv regressions, notably #2974 (and #3289 ?)
 - projectm issues!
 - m2ts issues, cf streams.v.o/misc and crashes, like #3439 and other
 - mkv seeking............
 - lua SD loadded twice when .lua and .luac are present...
 - qt resizing issues, (one or two test cases are still failing)

Major issues:
 - Network shares not opening on Win32 (#3459)
 - Webplugins issues, especially wrt fullscreen
 - lua issues...

Status requested about:
 - #3135, 0 as valid PTS
 - RTP wrap, #1645
 Please answer!

Unsure (please check, I didn't/couldn't
 - Deinterlacing issues, #1903 and #2714 Still valid?
 - Avfomart muxer issues, #2641 and #1162 Still valid?
 - Do --video-x, --video-y, --video-on-top work?
 - http playlist invisible : #3024
 - Remove all icons for GNOME... ahaha, nice joke.

Legal matters:
 - What extensions do we plan to ship?
 - Do we disable ATI and Intel playback for DxVA2?

Many thanks, in advance, for your inputs...

Jean-Baptiste Kempf

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