[vlc-devel] vlc x246 benchmark

Jure Pečar pegasus at nerv.eu.org
Fri Mar 26 12:20:29 CET 2010

On Mon, 22 Mar 2010 09:47:32 +0100
Jure Pečar <pegasus at nerv.eu.org> wrote:

> It seems I have to investigate:
> --sout-transcode-threads
> --sout-transcode-high-priority
> --sout-x264-mvrange-thread
> --sout-x264-non-deterministic

I reran my test with these options and results are approximately the same. While real time went down, user & system time were about the same:

2.6.24-24:	1040m50s user + 12m50s system
2.6.27-17:	841m20s user + 16m12s system
2.6.28-18:	1035m40s user + 15m22s system
2.6.31-20:	876m13s user + 92m50s system
2.6.32-16:	887m18s user + 92m10s system

Still 2.6.27 stands out as the fastest kernel, which is not what I would expect according to http://x264dev.multimedia.cx/?p=185 . 

Any idea why it is so? Did ubuntu done some custom tweaks to their kernels?


Jure Pečar

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