[vlc-devel] Live HTTP Streaming (iPhone) for VLC

Keary Griffin keary.griffin at unwiredappeal.com
Fri Mar 26 16:28:23 CET 2010

Apologies if this hit's the list twice.  I think my first response went 
directly to just David.

David Glaude wrote:
> I assume your code only produce one video bitrate and do not generate 
> multiple TS files with various bitrate from the same time period.
> Do you think that at least running multiple instance of VLC 
> transcoding and splitting the same input stream we could get the real 
> benefit from the X-style HTTP streaming (X come from Quicktime X wich 
> is the other place where the new streaming is supported appart from 
> iPhone)?
> Thanks.
> David Glaude
That is correct, it only produces an index/segments for a single 
bitrate.  Since multiple bitrate streaming simply involves creating a 
"master" index file containing the bandwidth and url's to the regular 
index files, it can be a static file and created ahead of time.  From an 
example in the spec, an index file master.m3u8 could be created ahead of 


And then run multiple instances of VLC to create each of the 
bandwidth/codec options (low.m3u8, mid.m3u8 and audio-only.m3u8)

I'm not really familiar enough yet with the capabilities and command 
line format of VLC, but it may be possible to create the multiple 
bitrate segments/indexes using a single instance of VLC by using 
"duplicate" and multiple "transcode" in the output chain, but it's a 
little advanced for me at the moment.  (But you would still be required 
to hand-craft the static master index file)


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