[vlc-devel] Public API : Is there a way to access to the sound data

Antonin Delpeuch antonin at delpeuch.eu
Sat Mar 27 20:42:58 CET 2010

Hi all,

I'm using libvlc to play a MP3 stream : it works fine, and I've been 
surprised by the quality of this API. Now, I'd like to access to the 
stream data (decoded sound) in real time, in order to compute some 
results with it. But I didn't found any function in the documentation 
that would allow me to do this : I think the API is too high level to 
provide this kind of features.

A few questions :
- Is there a way to create a new virtual audio output that would capture 
the sound for me, and then register it into VLC instances in order to 
use it like any other interface ?
- Can I keep a classic audio output when using such an interface ? In 
other words, is it possible to play simultaneously on two interfaces ?
- Or can I use a lower level interface to VLC's features ?
- Or do you know another library or toolkit that would enable me to do 
all this ?

Thanks a lot for any answer,

Antonin D.

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