[vlc-devel] [PATCH 3/3] Added livehttp access_out module to support HTTP Live Streaming

Keary Griffin keary.griffin at unwiredappeal.com
Mon May 10 20:41:56 CEST 2010

Rémi Denis-Courmont wrote:
> Indeed, I don't understand why you're retrying if you anyway set the 
Because REPLACE_EXISTING doesn't work if the file is open under win32, 
it still returns an error (AFAIK).  Because this function is used to 
replace a playlist file that the web server may currently be accessing 
it is quite possible it will be open while we are trying to replace.   
The web server should only have it open momentarily for each HTTP 
request received, so hopefully the retry will allow it be to replaced.  
Even if it's not (it hits the maximum retries), the same code will be 
run again when the next segment is created, and try again some number of 

This is really not the ideal situation, but it was pretty much the best 
I could come up with under win32.  As soon as this patch is accepted and 
commited I plan on submitting another patch to to add a new parameter to 
livehttp, "exec" which will spawn an external program everytime a new 
segment is created and/or the playlist is updated.  This will give 
people the ability to use FTP, SCP, or some other mechanism to upload 
the new files to a web server if VLC is running elsewhere.  For win32 
this will allow people to implement their own synchronization mechanism 
via scripts/PHP/etc to make sure the playlist is updated when it needs 
to be.  (I didn't want to make the changes for "exec" yet, as I was 
hoping to get this patch accepted first.  Especially since the "exec" 
patch may introduce additional security issues as it spawns external 

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