[vlc-devel] [LONG] VLC on iOS and legal analysis

Barry M Caceres barrycaceres at gmail.com
Mon Nov 1 11:38:23 CET 2010

Jean-Baptiste Kempf (JB),

I read your analysis and just to shed some light on the part that was confusing.....

An iOS device can apparently only hold synced content from at most 5 different iTunes accounts.
For example, if I can authorize my iTunes to playback content from multiple iTunes accounts, but
only content from 5 distinct accounts can be synced to a single iOS device.  

The "from up to" language is rather confusing here and it seems more a typo than anything else.
Anyway, this is more a limitation on the number of accounts that a single iOS device can handle
simultaneously -- most of use only one.  I don't see it limiting distribution of VLC since VLC can 
be freely downloaded from the AppStore to any and ALL of those accounts.  As long as you can
sync content from ONE iTunes account you can get VLC from the AppStore for FREE.

Secondly.....  "(iv)  You shall be able to store App Store Products on five iTunes-authorized devices
at any time".

This deals with the number of iTunes you can authorize to use your iTunes account.  This is 
restrictive with respect to your iTunes account.  Your iTunes account cannot be authorized for every
user on the planet.  However, there is NO limit to the number of iTunes accounts you can have (just
needs a distinct email address).  Further, ANY iTunes account can download VLC freely from the 

So no iTunes devices is prevented from downloading VLC for FREE.

Anyway, thanks for your analysis, I hope I added something to it.


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