[vlc-devel] [PATCH 1/4] Base Media Library Module files

Srikanth Raju srikiraju at gmail.com
Tue Nov 2 06:19:59 CET 2010


On Tue, Nov 2, 2010 at 12:14 AM, Jean-Baptiste Kempf <jb at videolan.org>

> On Mon, Nov 01, 2010 at 07:22:45PM +0530, Srikanth Raju wrote :
> > > Why again a list of extensions?
> > > Why in #define too?
> > >
> > This is to guess the type of a given media, without having the read the
> file
> > itself.
> Sure, but still, my point was that we should have only one list of
> extension. But let's ignore that for now and I'll fix it in a way or
> another later.

Yes for that we have to parse the other EXTENSIONS #define. Or fix code
relating to the other #define to use the CSV define

2010/11/2 Rémi Denis-Courmont <remi at remlab.net>

> Le lundi 1 novembre 2010 15:52:45 Srikanth Raju, vous avez écrit :
> > > * Using var_Create where not useful.
> >
> > I don't understand why it's not useful...?
> You don't seem to refer to the created variable ever other than to destroy
> it.
> Then why create it in the first place?
As I said, you will need to look at the other 3 patches for the complete
module. I broke it up so it would be easier to read. But it seems to have
caused some confusion. I should have been clearer.

Srikanth Raju
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