[vlc-devel] [PATCH] qt4: Add OpenBSD to supported platforms of the towlower function.

Juho Vähä-Herttua juhovh at iki.fi
Wed Nov 3 12:41:24 CET 2010

3.11.2010 12:50, Rémi Denis-Courmont kirjoitti:
> On Wed, 03 Nov 2010 11:00:19 +0200, Juho Vähä-Herttua<juhovh at iki.fi>
> wrote:
>> Thank you for thoroughly considering options 1) and 2), and the later
>> added extending keys array and doing bsearch option. It was also nice of
>> you to only concentrate on option 4), that I didn't consider viable even
>> myself. I feel like I've been heard.
> Sorry if I offended you, I simply had nothing to say on those other options
> at the time of replying.

None taken. I was just trying to be constructive because I felt this 
problem has come up more than once already, but I didn't see any useful 
suggestions in your reply, hence slight frustration. The configure.ac 
that JB suggested kind of sounds right, but testing for the UCS 
completeness of towlower is a bit hard. In this case I feel the towlower 
is a bit overkill since it's only applied to ISO 8859-1 characters in 
the first place.

Since translating uppercase to lowercase (in UCS towlower compatible 
way) in case of latin1 is quite simple, I can prepare a patch that would 
handle them manually without towlower. If someone objects this kind of 
approach, please let me know to avoid useless work.


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