[vlc-devel] Adding time limits to direcshow /live playlist items....

Mo Ab lists at tabits.co.za
Sat Nov 6 15:33:25 CET 2010


I'm a total noob at hacking vlc. Have some c ability but need direction 
from the bigger brains :-)

I would like to be able to modify playlist to allow live input playlist 
items to have a time limit specified.
For e.g if I have recorded items and the 5th is a live input from tv 
card, I would like that item to play for a user specified amount of 
time, then move on to the next item in the playlist.
I have some other Ideas as well but this is I hope an easy one to start 

Could someone point me to the right places to look please? Have started 
with docs, but its a whole lot to understand and get into.....


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