[vlc-devel] help for analyses with bad stream

canbaby canbaby at 21cn.com
Wed Nov 10 09:52:10 CET 2010


Is this the correct list for this message?

Current I had a mpeg ts stream,  which had no psi present,  but just 
only video/audio pids.

Use cmd:
#vlc --demux ts --ts-extra-pmt 111=566:1,567:3 children.ts
Or cmd:
#vlc --demux avformat children.ts
They all could play out the video, but with only some frames, and then EOF.

But I use ffplay or mplayer to play it seems no problems.

I want to know what's the wrong with the stream, I know the stream 
should be buggy really, but I'm not really family with internal of vlc.

Is someone interesting with this stream? It's here 

Best Regards!


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