[vlc-devel] [PATCH 1/2] Sepia video filter

Branko Kokanovic branko.kokanovic at gmail.com
Sun Nov 28 17:40:39 CET 2010

new version (again, just first patch without GUI).
* stored SepiaFunction directly
* changed VLC_CODEC_VYUY for VLC_CODEC_CYUV (actually, I copied that
from filter_picture.h (CASE_PACKED_YUV_422), maybe that code there isn't
right too?)
* removed redundant 'if' for chroma
* reused vlc_unit8
* used vlc_yuv_packed() for simpler code
* complete rewrite planar sepia so it iterated for two lines and two
pixels in line, so it is now taking four y values when calculating new

About calculating sepia - since r,g,b=f(y,u,v) and y,u,v=f(r,g,b), I
must take in account all values when converting back and forth. Also.
I'm aware that YuvSepia2() and YuvSepia4() function could be merged, but
since it's only those two cases, I think it would be a bit of

Speaking about refactoring, it will be another patch after this is
pushed (I got some stuff from posterize.c that could go there too), but
with only two patches for VLC so far, I thought it was not ok to do
refactoring right now. What header will it end up into -
filter_picture.h? Some new?

On 28.11.2010. 13:55, Laurent Aimar wrote:
> Hi,
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