[vlc-devel] Typos/Msgid-Bugs in vlc

Christoph Miebach Christoph.Miebach at web.de
Sun Oct 10 16:28:35 CEST 2010


I found four sentences (probably) including some minor typos in the orignal strings on reviewing the german translation for vlc.


#: modules/video_filter/crop.c:89
msgid "The number of consecutive images with the same detected ratio (different from the previously detected ratio) to consider that ratio chnged and trigger recrop."



#: modules/gui/qt4/components/sout/sout_widgets.cpp:210
msgid "This module outputs the transcoded stream to a network  via the mms protocol."

There are 2 spaces in front of via: "  via"


#: modules/demux/ts.c:155
msgid "Tweak the buffer size for reading and writing an integer number of packets.Specify the size of the buffer here and not the number of packets."

Missing space "packets.Specify"

#: modules/codec/x264.c:287
msgid "First parameter controls if RD is on (subme>=6) or offsecond parameter controls if Trellis is used on psychovisual optimization,default off"

offsecond => off. Second
Maybe ./,/;

missing space: "optimization,default"


Now an additional question:

How can I easily find out whether a string is used as a menu item?
("For menu items, put a Capital At Each Word." from http://wiki.videolan.org/VideolanStringGuidelines)

Great work!

Kind regards

Christoph Miebach

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