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salsaman salsaman at gmail.com
Mon Oct 11 20:00:04 CEST 2010

Hi Remi,
I am quite interested in this, since I worked on the ogg demuxer as my
GSOC project, and now I am involved in another project which is
converting LiVES into a web service for online video editing - part of
this actually involves streaming ogg/theora/vorbis to the vlc plugin
for firefox.

If this latest project goes ahead then I could volunteer some of my
time to look at improvements/maintenance of the web plugins.



2010/10/11 Rémi Denis-Courmont <remi at remlab.net>:
>        Hello,
> This is a long overdue update on the state of the two VLC plugins for web
> browsers, i.e. the ActiveX plugin for Microsoft Internet Explorer, and the
> Mozilla plugin for just about every other browser.
> Effective today, the web plugins will be separated from the VLC media player.
> This is mostly an organizational change for us developers and should not
> directly affect our end-users. There are several motivations behind this:
> ❶ Prove the plugins are really independent from the stand-alone player.
> The web plugins will be used as a testbed to ensure the quality of "LibVLC".
> LibVLC is our Software Development Kit; it enables third party computer
> programs to leverage the power of the VLC media player engine.
> ❷ Let the web plugins development follow its own pace and decouple it from the
> VLC media player development cycle. This will enable the VideoLAN project to
> deliver innovations and important improvements to its flagship
> VLC media player to end users faster than previously. Similarly, enhancements
> to the web plugins will not anymore be kept on hold for months until the next
> major version of VLC media player major is released.
> ❸ Work on the web plugins will become much easier once separated from VLC.
> Hopefully more developers will be able to join the VideoLAN project's efforts
> to deliver a best-of-breed open-source cross-platform cost-free multimedia
> stack.
> But that was the good news. Many of you surely noticed that the web plugins in
> VLC 1.1 were not on the level of quality that you should expect, and not as
> good as previous versions by any measure. While VLC 1.1 was a great new
> release of the media player, it was more of a brown-paper bag release as far
> as the web was concerned. That's the bad news.
> The explanation to this unsatisfactory state of affairs is rather trivial. The
> last active developer who was working on our web plugins left the VideoLAN
> project 2 and a half years ago. Since VideoLAN is a volunteer project, we are
> entirely dependent on staff sponsored by third parties, and hobbyists - by far
> mostly on hobbyists in fact at the moment. As is, nobody has stepped up to
> take the plugins over. Unfortunately, I cannot promise that we will address
> this problem as, well... we're dependent on goodwill. Obviously, any help is
> welcome. By that, I mean time, not money (if you have money and no time, then
> hire someone who has time and no money).
> I don't need to say that, we also welcome skilled and motivated developers
> willing to help with other areas of the VideoLAN project as ever.
> Thank you for your attention and continued support,
> --
> Rémi Denis-Courmont
> on behalf of the VideoLAN project
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