[vlc-devel] [vlc-commits] commit: stream_filter/httplive.c: HTTP Live Streaming (Jean-Paul Saman )

Jean-Paul Saman jpsaman at gmail.com
Wed Oct 13 21:21:59 CEST 2010

On Wed, Oct 13, 2010 at 8:21 PM, Laurent Aimar <fenrir at elivagar.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> On Wed, Oct 13, 2010 at 11:56:57AM +0200, Rémi Denis-Courmont wrote:
>> > On the
>> > other hand the stream_filter does not have the right information to
>> > construct an absolute URL.
>> That's just one of many reason why this should not be a stream_filter.
>> Time-based seeking is another reason.
>  stream_t::psz_path holds this informations but stream_t has not been modified
> like access_t (psz_location/psz_filepath).

If it also had the protocol, then the rest can be deduced from
psz_path. Atm I have to guess if it was HTTP or HTTP(S). Providing the
full vlc_url_t might be even better.

> stream_filter allows a quick solution, doing it another way will probably need
> more code (demux + stream_Demux() with all its issues) or something like that), but I haven't tried
> to think about it much.

Kind regards
Jean-Paul Saman

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