[vlc-devel] Formal complaint - censorship

Tony Anecito adanecito at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 27 16:24:19 CEST 2010

Hi All,

Sorry to ask the question I know your focus is on an important topic. But in 
regards to announcements I did not see an area for that which was not locked on 
the VLC forums. If there is a place or a desire for the VLC group to have a 
forum for announcements for those who use vlc as customers (to say ood things) 
or more important those who use the bindings and want to make announcements 
please let us know.


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> > Abusing VideoLAN's ressources to distribute blog post in the form of
> > Press Release is not really nice either. Non-tech people will fail to
> > not the planet part of the URL and have certainly no clue about
> > aggregation. They will fail to understand that it is your personal
> > actions and opinions.
> That's what a planet is. VLC planet != VLC official blog.
Yes but the planet topics are backported on videolan.org (when the
webpage is rebuild).

Rémi Duraffort | ivoire
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