[vlc-devel] STOP! Think. Act... (was Re: Formal complaint -censorship)

Jean-Baptiste Kempf jb at videolan.org
Wed Oct 27 18:41:10 CEST 2010

On Wed, Oct 27, 2010 at 01:14:48PM -0300, salsaman wrote :
> nothing is disputable.
Oh yes, everything is.

> Rémi already pointed out where the Apple
> licensing terms are in direct conflict with the GPL. The GPL is more
> than just providing sourcecode or a link to the sourcecode, it is
> about ensuring freedm for users. Apple are basically relicensing the
> code under different terms, which is not allowed by the GPL.

Well, you are over-simplifying.

The question here is whether the AppStore terms are applied on top of
VLC terms or are the VLC terms stronger.

All the basics GPL freedoms are assured to the users, through the
VideoLAN website and through the about:box of the program.
Any user can recompile, modify and redistribute the VLC iOS binary, and
they can redistribute it without the AppStore. And Apple ships an App
that states that clearly in the about:box.

But the AppStore specifies restrictions that are not freedom-ok.

So the question is: "Are the AppStore restrictions stronger that the
software license of the Application?"

And that is a complex question. Don't try to simplify it.
Rémi has a point of view, that is different from the one he had in the past, for example.
Wesnoth and other GPLv2 have had long fights without being able to find
a simple answer. So no, it isn't simple.
I, for one, don't know yet.

And don't bring the FSF in. The FSF is a political organisation that
has its political agenda. They do great work and I like them.
But GPLv2 is GPLv2. And AppStore is AppStore.
Their opinion is an opinion, not a fact.

> like, but there are no two ways about it.
There are always 2 ways in laws... This is not scientific or computer
binary yes/no.

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