[vlc-devel] [Wiki] Upload images ?

Antonin Delpeuch antonin at delpeuch.eu
Fri Oct 29 16:20:13 CEST 2010

  On 29/10/2010 10:21, Kaarlo Räihä wrote:
> 2010/10/29 Antonin Delpeuch <antonin at delpeuch.eu 
> <mailto:antonin at delpeuch.eu>>
>      Hi all,
>     I tried to upload an image on the wiki but I got this error :
>     "The upload directory (public) is not writable by the webserver."
>     Could an admin run the right "chmod" to fix this ? Or is there a
>     way to include external images in a page ?
> I usually just add links to the images (people can them click the 
> links in case they want to see the images). I don't think external 
> images are allowed (at least 
> [[Image:http://something.com/image.png|left|Image 
> <http://something.com/image.png%7Cleft%7CImage> on left]] doesn't show 
> external images).
That's true, the wiki isn't an art gallery, we can still put links. 
But... that's not always very convenient, especially for small images 
which would not take so much space in the documentation.
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