[vlc-devel] A Bug: VLC CANNOT seek RTSP stream , and its solution

Jean-Paul Saman jpsaman at videolan.org
Thu Sep 9 11:50:51 CEST 2010

2010/9/9 sf <shaofa at vip.163.com>:
> Hi, All
>         I think I have found a bug with live555 library which is used in VLC
> media player. When it' playing  a RTSP stream from the MediaServer,  I drag
> the slider to a new position but an error occurs : The slider will no longer
> move, while the video and audio still run correctly. (the tsx file is right
> there, and sequential playing is no problem). So I say, the live555 library
> with the client is not able to 'SEEK' to a position.
>        The cause is located in the live555 library. See MediaSession.cpp,
>  MediaSubsession::getNormalPlayTime() .   Look at this line:
>               u_int32_t timestampOffset =
> rtpSource()->curPacketRTPTimestamp() - rtpInfo.timestamp;
> In the suitation of 'SEEKING', it will not work because rtpInfo.timestamp
> will be larger than curPacketRTPTimestamp. According to RFC 2326, the media
> server echo a reply in response of 'PLAY' with the timestamp and seq_num.
> And should it be noted that the seq_num can be something in the future. So
> current RTP packet's timestamp maybe smaller than the rtpInfo.timestamp.
>        A solution to this problem can be just add a judgement before compute
> the new fNPT_PTS_Offset:
>      ..........................
>     if (rtpInfo.infoIsNew) {
>       if(rtpSource()->curPacketRTPSeqNum() < rtpInfo.seqNum) return -0.1; //
> add this line
>       u_int32_t timestampOffset = rtpSource()->curPacketRTPTimestamp() -
> rtpInfo.timestamp;
>       double nptOffset =
> (timestampOffset/(double)(rtpSource()->timestampFrequency()))*scale();
>       ..........................
>         Then the VLC media player will work fine.
>         John. ShaoFa
>         2010-9-9

Please report this error on live555 mailinglist and can sent a patch, please.

Kind regards,
Jean-Paul Saman.

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