[vlc-devel] [PATCH] 64-bit support for Mozilla plugin on MacOS

David Menestrina dmenest-vlc at ofb.net
Fri Sep 10 00:19:38 CEST 2010

Forgot to also mention that these patches apply to the 1.1 fork.  I
haven't tried them in the main development fork.


On Thu, Sep 9, 2010 at 3:12 PM, David Menestrina <dmenest-vlc at ofb.net> wrote:
> This patchset is an update to my work from many months ago on the
> 64-bit browser plugin on Mac.  While I still have no explanation
> for some of the mysterious crashes from the previous patchset,
> these new patches do things in a slightly different way, and I
> have not experienced a crash with them.  Aspect ratio changes,
> resizing, and fullscreen mode are all supported (though the
> support for fullscreen mode is handled in the plugin code, not
> in the vout display).
> (Note that there are only 3 patches in this set.  The subject lines
> may say [PATCH x/8], but the other 5 patches are just private
> changes for debug purposes.)
> [PATCH 1/3] Add CALayer module
> This patch adds the new calayer.m vout display module used by the
> new plugin code.
> [PATCH 2/3] Add coreanim.m for Core Animation code that must use Objective C.
> The browser plugin is written in C++, but the Core Animation libraries can only
> be accessed in Objective C.  So this file contains all the Objective C code
> for Core Animation support.
> [PATCH 3/3] Use Core Animation drawing model, Cocoa event model in 64 bit plugin.
> This patch actually updates the plugin to use the Core Animation support from
> the above two patches.  All the code is #ifdefed out to only compile on the
> 64-bit Mac platform.  (Some 32-bit browsers do not support the Core Animation
> drawing model.)  We could add some code to check at runtime whether the browser
> supports Core Animation, but for now it is easiest to only use Core Animation
> on the 64-bit platform.
> All this work is done by Veetle.
> david
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