[vlc-devel] MAC plugin 64-bit

Yair Han yair.han at gmail.com
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Thank you for the prompt replay.

I don't consider my self as a MAC developer but I would be happy to
assit David (free of charge). How can I get the almost working version of
the plugin code? I'll try to take it form there (in cooperation with David).

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Currently it does not.

David Menestrina has been working on one for Snow Leopard and has a
functioning version, though it still has some stability issues. Are you a
Mac Developer? If so, I know that David would love some help, as he is
relatively new the core animation libraries in Snow Leopard.

I work for a small company that uses the plugin for an application we are
developing. I am not a Mac developer, but I have been putting some postings
out on some of the Mac freelancer sites, trying to track someone down who
might be willing to help out David as a paying gig.

My understanding is that most of the Mac Developers on this list are
focusing their attention on the Lunettes project (the new stand-along player
for Mac OSX). If any of them are reading this and would be interested in
helping out David as a side project for a consulting fee, please get in
touch with me!

Best regards,


 On Mon, Sep 6, 2010 at 7:54 AM, Yair Han <yair.han at gmail.com> wrote:

Hi all,

Does the VLC MAC plugin  version 1.1.x supposed to work on 64-bit OS?


Yair Han

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