[vlc-devel] Adding a default video for audio-only sources

Rick Ramstetter rick.ramstetter at gmail.com
Thu Sep 16 22:06:36 CEST 2010

Hi all,

I am not familiar with the VLC source and am hoping someone can point me in
the proper direction to accomplish the following goal:

Assume I have two types of files, audio-and-video and audio-only files. The
encoding of each does not matter; the only distinction drawn is whether or
not the file contains video information. I would like to modify VLC such
that, given a playlist containing both audio-only and audio-and-video files,
VLC will play a "default" video if the current file is an audio-only
file. Obviously, I'd like that "default" video to pause/suspend when an
audio-and-video file is chosen from the playlist. Likewise, when an
audio-only file is loaded, the default video should resume where it last
left off.

As an example, let's say I have a three file playlist playing in non-random
order, starting at songA.mp3:
 songA.mp3 [audio only]
 songB.avi  [audio+video]
 songC.avi [audio only]
I additionally have a file "defaultVideo.avi" (whose audio contents, if any,
are ignored)

My goal is for VLC to:
1) show the video from defaultVideo.avi during the playback of songA.mp3
2) at the end of songA.mp3, the position in defaultVideo.avi should be
saved, and songB.avi should play (both audio and video)
3) at the end of songB.avi, defaultVideo.avi should resume from the saved
position, and songC.mp3 should play.

Thanks in advance for any & all help,
-Rick R.
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