[vlc-devel] Streaming UDP send sockets not closed on client disconnect

Sumit Aggarwal sum_agg at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 29 09:55:24 CEST 2010


I streamed a camera on one Windows XP system(server) using following sout 
rtp{mp4a-latm, ttl=127, sdp=rtsp://
Stream opens correctly on another system(client).
But if client is disconnected from netowrk due to some reason, 2 UDP sockets on 
the server remain open.
I checked using Windows sysinternals- TCPView. 
For each connection from client, server makes 1 TCP and 2 UDP sockets. 
If client disconnects abruptly, TCP connection gets closed but 2 UDP sockets 
remain open.
We can replicate this scenario in single system by opening 2 instances of vlc 
player and killing one vlc(client part) through Task Manager-Kill Process.
Is there a way to make UDP send sockets timeout?


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