[vlc-devel] ClockStreamToSystem timestamp conversion skip with new input option

Gildas Fargeas fargeas.gildas at gmail.com
Thu Sep 30 09:33:54 CEST 2010

i'm currently developing a patch to keep vlc from converting timestamps into
system-time relative timestamps in both ClockStreamToSystem and
For file transcoding, it's not always useful to have system based timestamps
on the output file so i added an option to the input in order to skip the
timestamp conversion in input_clock_ConvertTS (src/input/clock.c).
I changed input_clock_New to accept a boolean modifier to set an internal
flag and when inputclocknew is called (most likely in es_out.c), the
corresponding parameter is passed to the clock.

As this parameter breaks the display, i wonder if there is a way to Get the
value of this parameter only in case of a file to file transcode for example
For information, this permit to fix the case of variant playlists for VOD
when using httplive streaming module (non linear playback)

I currently have a pre version of this patch for both 1.0 maintenance branch
and main tree.
If you have any advises, i'm all ears !
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