[vlc-devel] [PATCH] IVTC / Inverse telecine deinterlacer

Juha Jeronen juha.jeronen at jyu.fi
Fri Apr 1 16:49:05 CEST 2011


On 04/01/11 16:34, Jean-Baptiste Kempf wrote:
> Hello,
> On Thu, Mar 31, 2011 at 09:55:26PM +0300, Juha Jeronen wrote :
>> Attached is my updated inverse telecine filter, hereby submitted for review.
> I don't have the skillz to review.

I think Laurent is probably the most appropriate person to look at it 
when he has the time.

I do realize that's asking a bit much - the code is long even in my own 
opinion, but on the other hand at the present time I don't see a way to 
make it much shorter without sacrificing functionality or extensibility. 
I chose the current set of functionality as a minimal level that I think 
is acceptable for real-world use.

I'm also thinking that some of my comments in the implementation are 
approaching a tl;dr. Any suggestions on how to make them shorter are 

At least in this version, RenderIVTC() has been split into subroutines, 
so it should be slightly easier to follow than the original was. I'm 
thinking of switching the ordering of the functions in the file so that 
the highest-level routines come first, but I think that makes more sense 
after the big refactor.

On a general level, all comments from the early reviews have been taken 
into account. And in this patch, all new code is in 79 column format ;)

>> For some reason, "diff" didn't like my changes - it thinks I rewrote
>> Deinterlace(), while actually I just inserted a whole lot of code just
>> before it. This makes CalculateInterlaceScore() in the patch
>> unnecessarily hard to read. Any ideas to overcome this are appreciated.
> git diff -C ?

So git format-patch -C <some-number> <base-commit-id> ?

I'll try that for the next version of the patch, whenever that is. Thanks :)


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