[vlc-devel] Need help developing text-to-speech-module in VLC - offering £5.000

Sandra Derbring sandra.derbring at gmail.com
Thu Apr 7 10:43:31 CEST 2011

Hi developers,

I'm sitting in a project in Sweden where we aim to enhance the experience of
watching a foreign movie for people with reading disabilities or poor
eyesight. We plan on incorporating our idea in VLC because it's a free
resource and that would get this solution available for a lot of persons.

We work from the premise that currently, these people can't take part of
foreign movies where you have to read the subtitles to follow what's
happening in the movie. We want to add a module to VLC that can call on a
speech synthesis on the user's system and sync the reading with the
subtitles. Basically, instead of hearing the original voices, you hear the
Swedish (or preferred language) speech syntheis voice. We'd like the
subtitles to be displayed as before. We'd also want this function to operate
cross-platform like the rest of VLC.

I'm aware that you probably have a lot of suggestions for enhancing VLC
already, and that you do the work for free. To get this function
encorporated within VLC, we were thinking of offering about 5000 euros to
the VideoLan Project if someone there could incorporate this for us, an
amount we'd otherwise have paid a programmer to do.

We're just in the middle of applying for funding for our project and need to
know if this could be a way for us to go - that is, if there is any interest
from anyone to do this. We are also interested in knowing the amount of time
that would be required to develop this feature - does anyone have an

All thoughts on this would be appreciated!

All the best,
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