[vlc-devel] DVB-T Subtitles Lag

Guy Perkins me at atdotmedotuk.me.uk
Thu Apr 14 01:28:10 CEST 2011

Hi all

Sorry, me again, but just to try and help narrow down this issue :-
FYI, I think that this issue may be related to a largely populated
Program Specific Information (PSI) table 
Channel transmissions that have a heavily populated (PSI) table appear
to suffer with subtitles on under the newer builds, channels that have a
leaner(PSI)table seem fine.
(Anybody that can get UK BBC News, = heavy (PSI) table, this channel in
the UK has always required the above Hotfix to work at all in VLC, it
has loads of info in the table.
Messages on in the GUI doesn't help, as newer versions of VLC crash out
on my DVB-T on all channels with messages on(Invalid header errors on
most channels, but BBC News crashes even quicker & is unreadable.)
Hope it helps.

DVB_T Subtitles Issue
This issue is apparent in the win32 GUI. The DVB-T subtitle track lags &
struggles to keep pace with the AV output and causes cpu drain. If
linear deinterlace is on, needless to say, it gets far worse. Again in
0.9.4, the DVB-T subtitles worked quite smoothly.


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