[vlc-devel] [PATCH] Fix the FSController glitches on Linux/KDE

Pierre Ynard linkfanel at yahoo.fr
Wed Apr 20 01:34:46 CEST 2011

> This patch should remove visual glitches that appear on KDE with the
> FullscreenController.
> It also removes the shadow added by KWin on border-less windows.
> If someone can test it on Gnome (or any GTK-based window manager) it
> would be greatly appreciated :-)

I'm not sure what glitch it's supposed to fix on KDE, it causes funny
things on Gnome here. It causes the panel (top and bottom bar) to appear
as well as the FSC, and then after clicking on the fullscreen window,
nothing appears anymore. That bit is the culprit, but putting back
Qt::ToolTip fixes it.

> +#ifdef Q_WS_X11
> +    setWindowFlags( Qt::Window | Qt::FramelessWindowHint );
> +    setWindowModality( Qt::ApplicationModal );
> +#else
>     setWindowFlags( Qt::ToolTip );
> +#endif


Pierre Ynard
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