[vlc-devel] [PATCH}Added Force pause and Force resume in status.xml

Rob rob at hobbyistsoftware.com
Thu Apr 21 13:50:25 CEST 2011

> Added Force pause and Force resume in status.xml

force pause and force resume look useful.

re toggle_pause

> toggle pause. If current state was 'stop', play item <id>:
> ?command=pl_pause&id=<id>

I don't like this approach of asking for an id that will only be used in  
certain circumstances. I think old http approach of letting vlc figure out  
what to play was much better.

in oldhttp
1) the current item in the playlist (the last one playing) is still marked  
as current even when play is stopped (requests/playlist.xml)
(luahttp discards the 'current' marker when play is stopped).

2) pl_pause will start play with the current item

3) as a fallback, if no item is 'current' then the first item in the  
playlist should be played
at the moment, the fallback is never needed; Even if items are enqueued  
rather than being played, vlc marks the first item as 'current'.



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