[vlc-devel] How to using vlc submodule? both Video and Audio output in one plugin?

Ocon 8866 ocon8866 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 8 17:48:22 CEST 2011

Hello VLC developers.

I'm writing a output plugin for BlackMagic Decklink SDI card. I have video
playout over SDI working, but I have problem about getting audio playout
working well. The code I've added resides file
modules/video_output/decklinkout.cpp where the Decklink API is initialized
and used for video playback.

The audio output plugin in modules/audio_output/decklink.cpp but this code
won't be able to access the object created in

I can only have one instance of a Decklink board object.

I posted the message in VLC forum and I was answered to build a single
plugin with two modules (using add_submodule())

Then, I'm writing a plugin that contains both video and audio submodule:

    set_shortname( N_("Decklink Output") )
    set_description( N_("Decklink Output plug-in") )
    set_callbacks (Open, Close)
    add_shortcut( "decklink-output" )
    add_integer( VIDEO_CFG_PREFIX "card-index", 0,
                 CARD_INDEX_TEXT, CARD_INDEX_LONGTEXT, true )
    add_string( AUDIO_CFG_PREFIX "audio-connection", 0,
                change_string_list( ppsz_audioconns, ppsz_audioconns_text, 0
    add_submodule ()
    set_shortname (N_("Decklink Video Output"))
    set_description (N_("Decklink Video Output module"))
    set_capability("vout display", 0)
    set_callbacks (VideoOpen, VideoClose)
    add_shortcut( "decklink-vout" )
    add_submodule ()
    set_shortname (N_("Decklink Audio Output"))
    set_description (N_("Decklink Audio Output module"))
    set_category( CAT_AUDIO )
    set_subcategory( SUBCAT_AUDIO_AOUT )
    set_capability( "audio output", 0 )
    set_callbacks (AudioOpen, AudioClose)
    add_shortcut( "decklink-aout" )
vlc_module_end ()

The problem: how can I activate both submodule over command line??? both
Video an Audio.

I tried: vlc -vvv file.mp4 --vout decklink-vout --aout decklink-aout
also: vlc -vvv file.mp4 --vout decklink-output --aout decklink-output

but wasn't successfull.

Thank you.
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