[vlc-devel] VLC play video error question

Hoang QC hoang.qc at anlab.biz
Mon Dec 12 11:49:10 CET 2011

Hi everyone!

I am not sure this is the right mail-list to post my question. If not
please forgive me.

I am writing a program to merge rtp packet into a mp4 file. The result is
uploaded at this link: *http://mediafire.com/?2aq53f9yxdqobtz*

If I play it by "Media Player Classic", everything is OK, but
when I play it with VLC 1.1.11, there is something wrong with the video.
There is a transparent blue above the image. If I used the deinterlacing
options, the video looks better (the blue disappeared) but still not ok.

Could somebody point me what is wrong with my video file?

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