[vlc-devel] Mutex Lock problem

Tommy Tran ducprosoft at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 3 14:01:36 CET 2011

Since v1.1.0, a few libvlc extern audio-related functions don't work  anymore. 
As of v1.1.17, the issue still exist. To help with debugging, I  picked one 
function that doesn't work (libvlc_audio_get_channel) and  one function that 
does work (libvlc_audio_get_track) and play the same  media file and show the 
callstack and the values of the related  variables.

I posted the callstacks on the forum:

Anyone got an idea why the owner thread is non-zero for the "GetChannel" case? 
Is it OK to call EnterCriticalSelection() when there is an owner thread? Is it 
possible that some code is calling EnterCriticalSelection() and forgot to call 


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