[vlc-devel] DEMUX_GET_TIME, PCR and input slaves

Denis Charmet typx at dinauz.org
Mon Feb 7 11:17:40 CET 2011


As I'm working with input-slaves, I came across some questions:

What should DEMUX_GET_TIME return? Should it be relative time
or the time used for ES_OUT_SET_PCR?

As the input-slaves seems to use the same pcr and seem to synchronize
with DEMUX_GET_TIME / DEMUX_SET_NEXT_DEMUX_TIME, I think it should be
the second one. Yet when I look at live555 demux DEMUX_GET_TIME returns
the normal play time (which is relative) and set the clock with i_pts
which is based on the NTP timestamp found in rtcp.
Is it a bug or a normal behaviour.

Before the "what usecase" stuff :
I have a rtsp videostream coming from a webcam and I multiplex text data
as subtitles (see the old rawtext thread for more information)

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