[vlc-devel] [PATCH] [Android] Fullscreen + Rotation

Adrien Maglo magsoft at via.ecp.fr
Tue Feb 8 23:25:25 CET 2011

Le 05/02/2011 13:33, XilasZ a écrit :
 > Here are a few small patches (replace the previous mail)
 >     * Prevent destruction of the activity when a rotation happens. It
 >       allows the video to continue playing.
 >     * install on sdcard if possible, take less space on the phone
 >     * enables fullscreen and hides title/status bar
 >     * adapt the opengl clipping volume to get the correct aspectratio
 >     * Background should be black instead of grey
 > PS: Tested on my HTC Desire, works perfectly for me.

Your work seems very interesting!
But please reformat your patches using "git format-patch".



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