[vlc-devel] VLC bug, version 1.1.7, windows specific: Playing .ISO DVD images: not highlighting in first DVD menu

juamagb1 juamagb1 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 13 19:48:17 CET 2011


My ID is videoclock.

Congratulations for the videoLAN project.

I've been creating .ISO DVD images with the ImgBurn application, and next
I've tried to play them with VideoLAN. I've realised that:

1: If I play them from File->Open file they work corectly: DVD menus
appears, the videos are played.
2: If I play them double-clicking them from the Windows Explorer or with the
right click I push "Play with VLC", then in the first DVD menu the selected
option is not hightlighted. Once I click in one option, in the second screen
(now yes) options are highlighted. Moreover, if in the second screen I push
"Back" button, (now yes) the options are highlighted in the first screen,
which were not at the beginning.

It seems that VLC doesn't treat files in the same way if they are opened
from Windows Explorer or from inside VLC in File->Open file.

I've noticed that using Windows XP, VLC stable 1.1.7 and VLC git 1.2.0

Hoping to know news,

Best Regards,

videoclocknet at gmail.com
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