[vlc-devel] OpenGL stereo capabilities for libglwin32

Garry Keltie garry.keltie at rmit.edu.au
Tue Feb 15 09:20:37 CET 2011


I've been modifying the opengl video output module on the windows 
platform to handle various types of stereoscopic playback.

I'm new to this list and to VLC development so the following may be 
dummies questions for a FAQ I haven't found yet.

* I'm pretty close to asking for some testing on the implemented 
features and a review to check I haven't broken a whole load of code 
convention rules. Is this an appropriate environment for that request? 
Would people be interested?

* If I'd like to submit changes (I'd assume complete files to diff 
against - only changes to three files) for review, what is the process 
for this?

* I have aspirations for extending the features and also to look at the 
direct3D module to leverage the NVidia (and perhaps other..) 3D Vision 
driver. Of course, getting the changes into the glx module for the nixes 
would be good. Can I post this info somewhere for others to 
contribute/comment on?



Garry Keltie

Research & Innovation
RMIT University

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