[vlc-devel] [PATCH] livehttp - keep index file up to date when doing non-live transcoding on Windows

Rob rob at hobbyistsoftware.com
Thu Feb 17 18:11:01 CET 2011

previously, the live http encoding made all changes after the first write  
to index.m3u8 to index.m3u8.tmp when doing non-live encoding. This patch  
gets rid of the .tmp and just keeps the index.m3u8 up to date. This makes  
the stream viewable even when it isn't finished.

this follows the author's comment with the initial livehttp.c
'I'm not sure I am doing the right thing with the Win32 rename function.   
Linux (I believe) allows me to rename a file over an existing file, even  
if the existing file is in use.  Win32 is not so friendly.  This ability  
is useful for updating the index file at same time it may be currently  
being read by the HTTP server serving the files.'
it brings functionality in line with linux/mac.

tested on winxp, win7

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