[vlc-devel] .NET Library / Interop

NokNok Developer developer at noknok.net
Wed Feb 23 20:04:36 CET 2011

On 2/23/2011 1:14 PM, Rémi Denis-Courmont wrote:
> Le mardi 22 février 2011 22:56:07 NokNok Developer, vous avez écrit :
>> Some time ago (almost a year) I was playing around with some libraries
>> which supported controlling and interacting with VLC.
>> With the MANY recent advancements of VLC, these libraries seem to be
>> outdated?  Or am I missing something.  Just wondering if their is an up
>> to date with current VLC version/release, which supports use in .NET ?
> The VideoLAN project does not support any .Net libraries.
> Our own attempt failed miserably due to lack of time.
> We don't really know/track the status of external libraries.

yes I see as a lot of fluctuation in the overall status of each....

If I may ask, the current "interface" 'oldrc'.... is that going to 
remain around?  is their something better i should look at?  i think the 
approach I will take is to build a universal .net/mono lib which will 
interact with VLC at arms-length buy maintaining state and controlling 
VLC instances thru some sort of "control" mechanism, parsing data and 
such and translating to events.... blah blah blah..  in the end the same 
feature functionality should exist as the other libs, but not be 
dependant on the actual LIBS, but more the control interface and its data...

so question is, what is the most robust (feature / control wise) 
interface, that is going to be supported today and somewhat future (as 
no one knows what changes may come)


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