[vlc-devel] CrystalHD: vlc must support hardware scaling because PCIe bus is not fast enough to move 1080p60

R.M. rafalm23 at tkdami.net
Thu Feb 24 10:29:10 CET 2011

it's not finished

just place

     BC_SCALING_PARAMS pScaleParams;
     pScaleParams.sWidth = 1280;
     pScaleParams.sHeight = 720;
     pScaleParams.DNR = 1; //it's probably hw DeiNterlaceR (but i don't 
known why it's not work)

     if (BC_FUNC(DtsSetScaleParams)(p_sys->bcm_handle, &pScaleParams) != 
         msg_Err( p_dec, "Couldn't set hw scaling" );
         goto error;

after DtsSetInputFormat and
before DtsOpenDecoder

and change output size:
p_dec->fmt_out.video.i_width  = pScaleParams.sWidth; 
p_dec->fmt_out.video.i_height = pScaleParams.sHeight; 


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