[vlc-devel] OpenGL stereo capabilities for libglwin32

Garry Keltie garry.keltie at rmit.edu.au
Sun Feb 27 01:39:02 CET 2011


>> * If I'd like to submit changes (I'd assume complete files to diff
>> against - only changes to three files) for review, what is the process
>> for this?
> Create a git diff, and send it to this list, as wiki.videolan.org/Git
> should tell you.

Great, thanks.

I have attached a first cut at it. I couldn't work out how to 'create' a 
git diff as a product but could create a git patch which seems to do the 
same thing. Two files are changed although one of them, opengl.h will 
affect the glx build (which I haven't looked at yet).

I tried to build from the repository head (1.2.0) but I'm currently 
building on msys as per the instructions on the website - I ran into 
build issues. So I am still on 1.1.7. Happy to move up as soon as I can 
but may be another thread.

For those without quadbuffer capable hardware, the anaglyphic mode works 
ok so far to test the output.

My last major task on this first cut is to set the window/aspect ratio 
to begin with my desired frame aspect ratio/size. Currently if I have 
side by side frame packing (common and easy to work with) my default 
aspect ratio and image width is double what I desire (as I would expect 
as the image is twice the width of the frame I desire to see).

Where would the appropriate place be to set this?

I can manually change the video/aspect ratio via the interface and the 
image will adjust correctly, followed a short time later by the window 
automatically adjusting to the image size.

in modules/video_output/msw/common.c, glwin32.c; there are functions 
around CommonControl(..) that look like they may help but I can't yet 
fathom how they work (tinkering).

Any pointers are gratefully considered.


Garry Keltie

Research & Innovation      garry.    @rmit. .au
RMIT University                 keltie    edu

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