[vlc-devel] [PATCH] Patch to add the option to disable the Winter Egg.

sovereign at codefaction.net sovereign at codefaction.net
Mon Jan 3 03:07:15 CET 2011

>> Le lundi 3 janvier 2011 02:22:10 sovereign at codefaction.net, vous avez
>> écrit :
>>> +#define WINTEREGG_TEXT N_( \
>>> +    "Activate the QT Winter Egg")
>>> +#define WINTEREGG_LONGTEXT N_( \
>>> +    "Activate / Deactivate The QT Winter Egg. Humbug!")
>> If the users who "need" this option can't figure out where it is and
>> what
>> it
>> does, it's useless.
>> I don't know what a "winter egg" is, and I could only guess what this
>> commit
>> did by reading the source code. But the intended users of the option
>> won't
>> have that luxury.
>> --
>> Rémi Denis-Courmont
>> http://www.remlab.net/
>> http://fi.linkedin.com/in/remidenis
> Well ultimately that's your call to make. There are a number of people
> though, who don't really like the VLC icon being changed during the
> holidays.  If you look at the forum:
> http://forum.videolan.org/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=85546 you'll see that it was
> mentioned that someone should submit a patch to at least have the option
> to not be forced to have a changing icon.  So, how is this option
> pointless?
> Ernest E. Teem III

Neat trick there too... not letting any of my responses into the
discussion about the patch on the site.  Kinda makes me look silly without
the ability to justify and redeem myself, but only your negative comments
about my patch are seen.

Secondly, this isn't about Christian references... maybe some people have
OCD, and simply don't like their icons being changed unexpectedly.  Which
is why "allow vlc to change it's icon" might be the better option.  Make
it default and stick it in "all/advanced" so people who really care to
hunt it down, or ask "how can I?" can do so without the hassle of
recompiling.  The majority doesn't care... most people like it.  This
isn't a situation though, where you have to choose... you can please both
sides of this crappy argument by applying the patch (or hell, write it
yourself).  You open the door to a whole new world of features too, by
having one for each holiday (in a Google logo like fashion), and still
give people the choice.

Heck, I thought that's what the open source community was about; choice.


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