[vlc-devel] [PATCHES] Symbian support

Carsten Breuer CarstenBreuerMpris at textwork.de
Fri Jan 7 00:57:19 CET 2011

Hello Jean-Baptiste

> Sorry, but your tone is incorrect for this mailing list.

Ups, sorry, that was not my intention.
The post was intended to be a bit challenging/fun.

> What Rémi pointed, and he was probably right, is that most devices, even N8, will
> be probably very slow to decode h264 video, if we don't have access to the
> Hardware decoder.

Well, he is probably right with that.
With hardware encoder/decoder, the N8 records and plays
videos with H264-MPEG4-AVC with1280x720(25).

If the encoder is not usable for VLC, users
will also be happy with a subset of them.
There will be always platforms that are not
powerful enough to support every codec.

What i tried to say in my initial posting is that
the devices Nokia ships now (N8, C7) are light years
away from the devices they ship two years before and
i believe that Nokia has an interest to see VLC on there
devices. There CTO came from SUN and loves OSS.

> Still, my point is that:
>  - we will see the perf result at the end
>  - it should work very fine for audio
>  - some Symbian people hinted we could get hw access

Would be great.

>  - DivX/mpeg2 should playback nicely at SD resolution on N8/E7/future Ex

Perfect. That's what im looking for.

>  - if the code is clean and doesn't mess up too much, it doesn't block
>    vlc development. Which is why I applied the patches that are very
>    clean, and am asking for reviews for the ones that are so-so and I
>    didn't send to this ml the ugly ones... :)
>  - (I learn a lot)

Thanks a lot for your work :-).

> I hope we can go on nicely on this topic

Yep, sorry again.

Best Regards,


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