[vlc-devel] Blackmagic Decklink configuration, use WriteConfigurationToPreferences()

Stuart Cunningham stuart8c at gmail.com
Tue Jan 11 01:54:21 CET 2011

> I'm not sure if it makes sense, really; would you really want running VLC to
> change your defaults? (What if multiple instances of VLC were running?)
> Is this behavior documented in the SDK, or is it simply a bug in the driver?
It's unlikely you want VLC to change the default video and audio mode
settings (the settings the card is configured with at boot time).

The new behaviour is documented in the DeckLink 7.9 SDK documentation
where the new feature of saving video and audio configuration across
reboots was introduced.  The impact of the change is if you now use a
IDeckLinkConfiguration object to change a mode and release it before
you release the IDeckLink object, the changed configuration will be
reverted to the previous saved configuration.  In this case the fix is
to not release the IDeckLinkConfiguration until the IDeckLink is
finished with.

- Stuart

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