[vlc-devel] disable motion vectors ,in vlc activex/c# ?

Vikas Nakil vikas.nakil at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 19 14:23:53 CEST 2011

hello frnds,
               can any1 help me in dis,i have set the 'motion detection video filter' as true, but i dnt want motion vector on video,also want to see message.
can any1 tel me how  i can do dis and is it possible and in wic version.? i m doing  dis project on winform/c# using vlc activex?
tx in advance.this is my second post,w8ing 4 urvaluable reply.i want to check wheather video is playing or not..?
i want to disable motion vactor but not motion detection video filter.
i have set ffmpeg-vismv to 1,2,4,7 but none can remove the motion vector
i tried hard nd searched on google but doesnt  yet 
my code in c#:
string[] option = new string[] { ":sout=#transcode{sfilter={marq{marquee='hello',x=100,y=10}:logo{file=C:\\logo2.png}}}:duplicate{dst=display,dst=std}" };
//vlc2.playlist.add(@"d:\\Sample2.mpg", "", ":video-filter=motion");
//vlc2.playlist.add(@"d:\\Sample2.mpg", "", option); 		 	   		  
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