[vlc-devel] Question regarding streaming video packetisation in VLC

Jay Davidson jdiq123 at googlemail.com
Tue Jul 26 14:20:52 CEST 2011

Hi all,

I have a few queries regarding VLC and would be much appreciated if
some can help out:

I want to modify the length of the video packet VLC limits when
streaming via UDP/RTP etc. The current length VLC seems to use is 1324
bytes via UDP and 1336 bytes via RTP (at application layer exc. any
headers from lower layers), discovered via packet capturing.Thus is
there any way to change this value. How would I be able to modify the
this packet length in this case?

I also find that the traffic type of video streaming via VLC to be
registered as Best effort.
I am streaming a clip from Big Buck Bunny [1080p at 24.0, 4:2:2
chroma, 70 Mbps CBR (with no zero stuffing) in a 73 Mbps Transport
Stream] with no transcoding, and the link reaches stable throughput of
200Mbps. I have tried streaming many video formats but I still get the
traffic type (in QoS header) to be Best Effort when it should Video.

Also the first few seconds of the streaming trigger several "packet
has been too late" and "TS discontinuity" (not sure what this is?)
error messages, and the last two seconds of the video stream never
reaches the client, but in between streaming seems fine. I would be
very grateful if some can kindly advise.

Many thanks

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