[vlc-devel] [PATCH] auhal fix for digital audio output (resend)

Ron Frederick ronf at timeheart.net
Fri Jul 29 16:23:25 CEST 2011

I submitted the following patch for the Mac auhal driver's SPDIF handling last week but never saw any comments about it. Would it be possible to get this integrated into the 1.1 branch?

The patch corrects a problem where the recent auhal rewrite is not using the right struct type when querying the stream properties, and thus it is not initializing the output to the correct sample rate. There was another recent patch made here to attempt to fix problems here, but the digital audio out still didn't work for me even after I integrated that patch. This fixes VLC 1.1 so that multi-channel digital audio out works again for me in MacOS 10.6.8. It does not address the problems reported recently on getting VLC to work on Lion, but I thought it would be useful to get this patch integrated while work on Lion continues.

Ron Frederick
ronf at timeheart.net

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