[vlc-devel] Crystal HD for 1080i MPEG2 and closed captions on low-end system

Jean-Baptiste Kempf jb at videolan.org
Wed Jun 8 00:37:02 CEST 2011

Hello Patrick,

On Tue, Jun 07, 2011 at 05:15:05PM -0500, Patrick Jackson wrote :
> To try and work-around this, I stuck a Crystal HD (BCM70015 version)
> mini-PCIe decoder in the system and built the latest VLC 1.2 trunk code. I'm
> also using Jarod Wilson's crystalhd driver and libs, built from the latest
> trunk source. It seems to be using the card fine and drops the CPU use down,
> as expected.

Wow, I am glad someone actually tested this code.
I am very sorry for its crapiness.

> Unfortunately, neither deinterlacing nor closed-captions work for me when
> the crystal codec is in use. The video definitely looks interlaced, and this
> shows up on the console:

> I know Crystal HD support is fairly new, but should software deinterlacing
> and closed caption display work with Crystal HD decoding in theory? If so,
> any pointers on debugging these problems?
> A broader question is: is there a better way to get this to run well on my
> system (with or without the Crystal HD)?

Well, the thing is that, so far, the crystalHD decoder outputs in YUYV
and we don't have a deinterlacer supporting this format.
Same reason for blending the subtitles.

- One way would be to force it to use OUTPUT_MODE420_NV12 instead, even if
  people from Broadcom advised me against it. NV12 is well supported in

- One second way would be to finally understand HOW THE HELL do I activate
  hardware deinterlacing in BCM. I don't get it and the answer "it should
  be easy if you look at the driver code" is not one that I liked/had time
  to do.

Best Regards,

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