[vlc-devel] Help about GET_PARAMETERS

chenhui zhang zhangchenhui2006 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 04:31:52 CEST 2011

Hi all,
        I'm testing our device as a media server and use VLC as the client.
When in RTP over TCP mode, vlc can't play the stream. I capture the tcp

found that the rtsp is OK and when send the media data to vlc over rtsp, it
seems vlc doesn't recv the data because the TCP windows size of vlc side is

to zero and never recover. I also found there is a GET_PARAMETERS message
from vlc to device and device reply an empty response after the PLAY method.

When I remove the GET_PARAMETERS from the OPTION response of device and try
again, it's OK. So I doubt the problem has relations to GET_PARAMETERS.

I have search this on Google and there are some information about this but
no clearly answer of it. VLC used GET_PARAMETERS as a ping to device, but
when I

send GET_PARAMETERS response to vlc, why it still can't play?

        Thanks very much for any suggestion from you.
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