[vlc-devel] "equalizer-bands" corrupt/truncated occasionally

akash mehrotra mehrotra.akash at gmail.com
Thu Jun 16 23:13:43 CEST 2011

I'm trying to access the equalizer from the luahttp interface as a part of
my GSoC project.
For this, I'm accessing the equalizer-bands string and parsing the gain
values from that string in the interface code.

However, the string is corrupted/truncated sometimes when the equalizer is
modified using the Qt interface.
The linked screen shot ( http://i.imgur.com/qeCT7.png )displays the string
and its hex value when the string is modified through the Qt interface (from

I'm using this code to print the string(the part indented to the extreme
left is the code I added for printing out the string) from
modules/gui/qt4/components/extended_panels.cpp   :

void Equalizer::setCoreBands()
    /**\todo smoothing */

    QString values;
    for( int i = 0; i < BANDS; i++ )
        const float f_val = (float)( bands[i]->value() ) / 10 - 20;
        QString val = QString("%1").arg( f_val, 5, 'f', 1 );
        band_texts[i]->setText( band_frequencies[i] + "\n" + val + "dB" );
        values += " " + val;
    const char *psz_values = values.toAscii().constData();

    aout_instance_t *p_aout = THEMIM->getAout();
    if( p_aout )
        //delCallbacks( p_aout );
        var_SetString( p_aout, "equalizer-bands", psz_values );
int i=0;
while(psz_values[i]!='\0' && i<=100)
        //addCallbacks( p_aout );
        vlc_object_release( p_aout );

Is this fixable, or should I workaround this assuming that the values of the
last 3 bands may not always be available.
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