[vlc-devel] Changes to .nib not showing up? Mac OS x 10.6

Chris London chris at kwista.com
Thu Jun 30 22:44:00 CEST 2011

So I make changes to the MainMenu.nib (Added a new menu item) using xcode
and the interface builder.  Created references in the initf.h/m and
controls.h/m.  I save it, build it in xcode. go back to the root vlc
directory run bootstrap, configure, make and then I run the .app with
--reset-plugins-cache but my changes aren't showing up.  Did I forget to
reference my code somewhere? I notice in make it basically skips everything
saying "Nothing to be done for..." Is make skipping something? This sounds
like I'm just an idiot :S haha so any patience and help would be greatly

Chris London
chris at kwista.com
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