[vlc-devel] [PATCH] KDE: Add smb to the supported protocols we can get files from without the need to fully copy them local first.

Dominique Leuenberger dominique at leuenberger.net
Wed Mar 16 13:28:02 CET 2011

Quoting Rémi Denis-Courmont <remi at remlab.net>:
> I cannot believe KDE "dumbed" this down just for the heck of it. Afterall, if
> an application only supports files, its .desktop file won't contain  
> %U (rather
> %f if I recall correctly). This change was probably introduced to fix
> limitations of %U. Indeed, KDE needs to know which URL protocols are actually
> supported. But then I don't understand how you came up with  
> "http,ftp,smb". As
> far as I am concerned, this list seems to come out of nowhere as I don't see
> the rationale behind it.

KDE dumbed %U down to http/https per default. Mainly because users  
seemed to compain about OOo not doing the right thing. Many apps  
specifying %U mean actually http://https (browsers for example?!?)

the list http,https,smb comes out of the KDE bug tracker and  
represents exactly what the KDE developer is suggesting for the  
vlc.desktop file to be used. (The link to the KDE bug is in the patch  

> But then, there's other issues. VLC will not fetch the "relevant" parameters
> from KIO. We need to get the user credentials. This is almost always required
> for SMB to work in particular, but it also can affect FTP and HTTP. And I
> won't mention other issues such as differing proxy configuration.
> If your only answer is "I don't know", then as far as I am concerned your
> patch is a potential regression. In that case, it's rejected.

thanks for your clarification. I will not invest more time on this  
issue than I already did. Let's agree to just ignore the case and  
forget the whole story.

I don't use KDE so anyhow, I couldn't care less than that and I don't  
give a rats ass on this issue. I don't use SMB neither...

Thanks and so long... back to doing things which I know how to do...  
I'll leave patching the VLC tree up to you. I clearly do not know  
anything to support this project.

Best regards,

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